2019 Interior Decor Trends

  • By Best Rug Sales Team

2019 Interior Decor Trends

With every year come innovative trends and ideas, particularly in the home sector.  New colors, new designs and new influences seem to instantly arrive and while you don’t need to completely change your entire home décor scheme, sometimes just adding one or two new pieces immediately refreshes your space and pays homage to current trends.  Of course, you might be moving home or considering complete renovation work, in which case it is always useful to understand what new themes are filtering through.  At Best Rug Sales, we’re always one step ahead because we want to be able to offer newness to our customers while still keeping some beautiful, timeless pieces in our collection.  Our designers spend much of their time researching upcoming trends and ideas.  Bearing that in mind, here’s what you should look out for over the next twelve months.

Green Accents

One of the biggest color influences for 2019 is green.  Think earthy shades of green but also emerald green too.  However, the trick here is not to overload your home with green, just place a few, carefully selected homeware accessories to accent a room and add a splash of color where you need it.  If you already have a colourfully accessorized room, consider removing some of the accessories and replacing them with a couple of green items.  We recommend our Symphony Rug which has just the right amount of green in its swirly design to create focal interest.

Soft Curves

Furniture has gone through a transformation for 2019 and instead of angular pieces; we are seeing more curved shapes filtering through.  The look is fluid and soft, adding an air of extra coziness to a living room.  The shape of furniture is filtering into rugs too, but not just in the shape of rugs, rather the design so if you’re looking for a piece that is up to date, the Vermillion is the perfect choice.  Its wavy design is ideal to add excitement to a room and with its two-tone pile, it changes color depending on what angle you look at it from.

Environmentally Friendly

Eco friendly is still a hot theme and will remain in fashion for the foreseeable future.  The world is very much focused on sustainability and reusing materials.  To add that eco-friendly touch to your home, we recommend our Happy Shag Rug which is made out of recycled fibers and its colorful tones work with an eco-theme.  Or the Ziya Rug as previously mentioned, is backed in jute, a sustainable material that means you’re playing a part in protecting the world we live in.

That concludes the latest trends this 2019, all of them are easily achievable with one or two additions to a home.  So why not select a fabulous rug from one of our collections and instantly bring your home into 2019.

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