Six Cheap DIY Design Hacks

  • By Best Rug Sales Team

Six Cheap DIY Design Hacks

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new house or you’re thinking about re-decorating, you might be looking into to some cheap DIY ideas to update your space without causing a hole in your pocket! Let Best Rug Sales help! We know that your home is the place you will spend the majority of your time, so you want to it to look and feel fabulous. Bearing that in mind, refurbishing can sometimes seem like a daunting exercise – especially if you’ve recently bought a new home and there isn’t much manoeuvre on budget. Additionally, undertaking renovations and building work is expensive and if you are saving up for this type of work then you won’t want to dip into your hard-earned cash at the moment. That is why you need to think about inexpensive ways to update and refresh your home – simple touches that will make a big difference, even if it’s only temporary.  Here are our suggestions to help update your home with six DIY hacks:

  1. Paint
    It sounds obvious but a lick of paint will make a huge difference and it’s a task which you can undertake yourself without spending money on professional painters. Why not try a new colour because adding a different shade will transform a space. For small spaces keep it light and airy and if you have dark areas of your home, opt for pale colours to give the illusion of space.  Apartments and small homes will often benefit from the same colour throughout – although that’s not to say you can’t add a point of difference with a couple of walls painted in a contrasting bright or dark colour for example.
  2. Mirror Mirror
    Mirrors are incredible accessories, they let in light, they create space and they are a marvellous focal point. If you have an empty hallway a mirror will make a big difference. In a small room a mirror will instantly give the illusion of space. 
  3. Change Window Dressing
    If you want to transform your windows why not replace curtains with sleek sheers or blinds? There are many readymade options.  If you’ve moved into a new house you might not have the budget for opulent curtains in which case, choose the simple ones made of cheaper fibres.
  1. Rugs and Flooring
    If your carpet has seen better days and you want to replace it but can’t deal with the expense… it might be worth hiring a professional carpet cleaner. It’s amazing what a difference a good shampoo can do to restore the colour and pile of your carpet.  Of course, sometimes the rug needs a little more than just a spruce up, in that case you can purchase a great new style rug to replace it! At Best Rug Sales we have an enormous collection of rugs, from runners for hallways and narrow spaces to grand, traditional rugs that work beautifully in living areas.  We’ve also got plenty for bedrooms and lots of modern, contemporary and classic styles.  A rug is the best way to update an empty space and instantly creates an area of interest.

  2. Kitchen Fixes
    If your kitchen is outdated, a great way to spruce up the space is by painting the cupboards, providing the material is suitable. Even replacing old handles on drawers and doors will instantly refresh and have your friends asking if you’ve had a new kitchen installed! 
    The kitchen is another great place to add a warm, stain resistant synthetic area rug. Whether it be for under a table or even as a utility mat by the counter, Best Rug Sales has it all!
  1. De-Clutter
    If you are one of those people who loves to collect accessories and ornaments, then clearing away some of your clutter may be very hard, but will instantly open up a room. Go through all your pieces and ask yourself which you really need.  By giving to a less fortunate family or even selling what you can make money on, you will make a HUGE change to your interior. You may need to purchase or  create a few new fashionable pieces, but keep it light because minimal homes look polished and fresh!

Have any quick fixes for updating a home without spending too much money? Comment below your greatest design hack! We love to hear from our clients!

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