Why You Should Buy From Best Rug Sales

  • By Best Rug Sales Team

Why You Should Buy From Best Rug Sales

Buying a rug is never something you should take lightly.  It’s that finishing touch that transforms a room and it’s also very personal.  You want to take into consideration the colors you need, the fibers, size and quality, after all, you don’t want your rug to last a few months, you need to know it’s going to look good for a long while.  That’s where we come in.  Best Rug Sales is an exciting online shopping concept for stylish, sumptuous and premium quality rugs.  Our rugs aren’t just any old rugs, they’re extra special. Here’s why you should buy from Best Rug Sales.

Who We Are

We service the USA and Canada.  Our company is fast growing and we have extensive experience in sourcing high quality rugs that are decorative, stylish and beautifully made.  We also ship fast, within just two days and our shipping is completely free. While we only provide a quality product, on the rare occasion that a rug might be damaged, we offer a return or exchange.  This gives you complete confidence in our service.

About our Rugs

Our rugs are without doubt, fabulous and we’re proud of our collection.  We source from one manufacturer, and we price all of our rugs extremely competitively. You may ask how that’s possible, well, our ranges are overstock quantities or designs that are discontinued which means we can sell them to our customers at much less than other rug sellers.  Most of our rugs will not replenish once they’re sold out, so don’t miss your chance! Our rugs do sell out quickly, because they’re known to be great quality, superbly priced and that’s what makes them very much in demand.

Our Customer Service

Not only do we pride ourselves on our gorgeous rugs, we also offer impeccable customer service.  We are available on live chat Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 4.30pm EST.  We find this method extremely convenient, there’s no queuing on the telephone and no waiting for an email answer.  It’s pretty instantaneous and there’s someone always waiting for you.  Of course, some people simply prefer to drop a line, in which case, just visit us here and drop us an email through our web form:

A Little Extra Peace of Mind

If we haven’t yet convinced you to shop at Best Rug Sales then maybe this will seal the deal!  We offer a one year manufacturer’s guarantee on all our rugs, so you know you’re buying something really good quality.  If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.  It’s as simple as that!

So what are you waiting for?  Start shopping today and give your room a real showstopper! Take me shopping…

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