Sarto Area Rug

By Best Rug Sales

$170.00 USD $339.00 USD
The Sarto area rug is a sleek, rich feeling piece of decor that lends itself to modern or contemporary homes. In a blend of soft, faded tones of gray it is the perfect addition to monochrome décor schemes. What makes it extra special is the way the fibers are woven, depending on how you position it, you notice a different shade because of the way the light dances on the pile.
Great quality for the price, and because of the dual tone you get two rugs for the price of one! Made out of easy to maintain synthetic fibers, this rug is sure to last you years.
  • Available in 3 STANDARD SIZES
  • EASY CARE and long lasting
  • Synthetic NON-SHEDDING material
  • 2 looks in 1 with angle changing colors