Vermillion Area Rug

By Best Rug Sales

$170.00 USD $339.00 USD
The contemporary styled Vermillion rug instantly adds an entirely new dimension to your favourite space in the home. In a tonal design featuring neutral grey tones, depending on where you place it and the angle, you will notice the rug looks completely different because of its special weave.
A very modern style that lends itself to fit in any type of décor with the gentle branch looking design. Made of easy to clean synthetic fibres, the decorative area rug is soft and dense to walk on. We recommend using it as the room’s main décor piece, with few accents to match. Great for the bedroom, living room or family room.
  • Available in 2 STANDARD SIZES
  • EASY CARE and long lasting
  • Synthetic NON-SHEDDING material
  • 2 looks in 1 with angle changing colors